Skills for Success - band A roles - Scottish Government Jobs

Skills for Success – band A roles

Self awarenessTeam workCustomer serviceInformation managementCommunications and engagement
Responsible for personal
behaviour and is
accountable for own actions,
health and wellbeing.
Knows and understands the
contribution the team makes
to the Directorate Plan and
Government Purpose.
Knows and understands
internal and external
customers & how they fit into
the SG and the wider public
Uses a range of corporate
systems and is aware of
security and organisational
Contributes views, ideas and
experience, identifying
appropriate methods of
communication and target
Aware of personal strengths,
takes pride and
responsibility for
performance at work and is
responsive to constructive
Can be relied on to deliver
agreed personal objectives
and is aware of how their
work connects with the work
of others.
Understands customer needs
and expectations and
responds in a helpful and
professional way.
Accesses, manages, stores,
retrieves information through
effective use of SG
Management Information
Identifies and sources
information to produce
accurate numeric work and
concise, well structured
written work using SG
Adaptable, contributes to
and embraces new ways of
doing things, seeking the
support of others when
Builds networks and
maintains good working
relationships with colleagues,
valuing their contribution and
open to different points of
Builds positive working
relationships with customers
and works to agreed time
scales and standards of
Shares and presents
information of all kinds in an
appropriate format,
accurately and on time.
Verbal communication is
confident, contributing ideas
in a clear and concise way.
Identifies personal
development needs and
actively manages own
development plan.
Contributes views, ideas and
experience to improve the
team’s performance, offering
and/or seeking practical help
when necessary.
Takes responsibility to review
and improve customer
service, listening to and
acting on feedback.
Contributes to the continuous
improvement of Management
Information Systems.
Inquisitive and actively
listens, responding
appropriately using clarifying
questions to test