Professions - Scottish Government Jobs


A profession for all

All of our jobs are aligned to a profession, we have 21 Professions in total.

Our Professions work across SG to help us build, manage and deploy our skills, capability and expertise.

Icon of a group of people representing staff members.

Developing our professions

We are investing in the development of our Professions to:

  • Better define our key job types and the related capability expectations.
  • Support the professional development and careers of our people.
  • Help deliver new ways of working, for example how we work together to tackle complex issues or change.
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Building careers

Our Professions provide access to a professional network, peer support, and structured learning and development, as well as insights into career options and pathways.

How people relate to and draw on Professions will vary and can change over time, for example you might have a main Profession, but then draw on others to build new skills, or ready yourself for future opportunities.

Our professions

We have 21 established Professions:

  • Built Environment
  • Communications
  • Counter Fraud
  • Digital, Data and Technology
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Audit
  • Knowledge and Information Management
  • Legal
  • Operational Delivery
  • Operational Research
  • Policy
  • Procurement
  • Project Delivery
  • Science and Engineering
  • Security
  • Social Research
  • Statistics
  • Tax
  • Veterinary