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Mission, vision and values

At the Scottish Government, we share a clear mission, vision and set of values. They guide everything we do, day in and day out, in the service of Scotland.

Our mission and vision

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Our mission

We work together to improve the lives of the people of Scotland.

Our mission sets out the core purpose for everyone who works in the Scottish Government. It describes why our organisation exists.

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Our vision

To be a dynamic, diverse and connected organisation serving Scotland now and in the future.

Our vision statement describes the organisation we must be to support the government of the day. It sets the direction for the meaningful action we will take in the coming years to change our organisation for the better.

Our values

Our values have been developed by Scottish Government colleagues, for Scottish Government colleagues. They align to the Civil Service Code and the National Performance Framework.

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We act with integrity

Our actions reflect the values of the Civil Service.

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We are inclusive

We have a respectful work environment which includes everyone.

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We are collaborative

We work with others to realise Scotland’s full potential.

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We are innovative

We test different approaches and develop new solutions.

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We are kind

We care and show kindness towards people and the natural environment.

The UK Civil Service

As a devolved administration of the UK, our staff are also part of the UK Civil Service, through which we share a common code of conduct and set of standards.